Controls fixed... hopefully!

We finally found some time to update An American Werewolf in L.A.! It should allow you to use keyboards and gamepads. It's not an ideal update, there are still plenty of missing details (like allowing players to remap keyboards, sorry), but it should be easier to play with different devices. 

Plus, we added some visual improvements like some parallax, which look nice ^-^

Does it work for you? Can you play with your favorite gamepad? Would love to hear from you! Remember we are a small dev team, so please be patient if it doesn't work with your configuration.

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I can't get the controls to work. only the arrow keys function ingame. I can't tell how to start player 2 either. Hopefully when I get a few gamepads I can play

If you want 2 players you need a keyboard and a gamepad, at least. It should detect them as soon as to press a button on the device!

I got my controllers and nope, still not playable. They move up and down in the main menu and that's it.

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Which system, which controllers? I'll have a look.

Note: I just downloaded the last version and tried my generic gamepad for one player and keyboard for the second player, and it worked... 

On the player selection screen, as soon as you press any button on a device it will be assigned to player1. Next device will be player 2. Then you hold p1's attack and a bar fill fill, starting the game. Then the game is playable. 

My gamepad is very generic, which one is yours? Can you play just with keyboard? (WASD + n + m)

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I'm using INNEXT SNES style controllers. I can force them to send keyboard inputs through steam configs. But sadly, I cannot play with the keyboard either. With keyboard i can start the game holding enter but then the attack wont register in-game. Only directional inputs. Oh i just noticed you said N+M are the other controls. The player start screen displays enter and spacebar for controls so nowhere in the game does it mention using the N+M keys. That may be why I can't play.

Yes. I just confirmed that it's playable using the N+M keys. Thank you. If there were key bindings for player 2 on the keyboard I could set up controller 2 on those keys. But for the general player audience, having both controllers work as gamepad/joystick type inputs would be better.

I just tried using Steam settings to make the gamepad to act like keys and bound them to WASD, N and M. Now in the player select screen pushing any button makes the keyboard appear under player 2 but I can't start the game. So currently i can only use the actual keyboard to play.

Oh and I'm running the latest version and using Windows 10.