What a beautiful summer day! The sun is warm, the sea is calm... pity there's all those monst... er... little kids running around like the beach belongs to them. Oh, but you have something they want: ICE CREAM! It's going to be a PROFITABLE DAY! 

Just try not to piss them off...

A game made for Ludum Dare 53, theme "Delivery". You are delivering ice creams, obviously. 


- Turn your music ON with Z to lure clients.
- Drive your truck (arrow keys) near kids, wait for them to ask for an ice cream.
- Use X to prepare an icecream.


- Be quick. If ice cream take too long kids will get mad*.
- Just don't run over kids, it's bad for business. And they get mad*.

*Kids this days... just try to please them or they WILL get mad. 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsbeach, ice-cream, ice-cream-truck, ice-cream-van, Ludum Dare 53, PICO-8, summer
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Lol, really fun, got to be careful driving on the beach :P 

Not the best place to drive, indeed : )

I like yeeting children into the sea

I seriously hope you mean just in this game!


Nah just in the game OR IS IT?


i love running over children

Not in real life, right? RIGHT?

As a metaphor for awful kid parenting it is pretty good.

Lol, can be read that way, yes.


y'know, i can understand the little gremlins being mad when i run them over

that doesn't mean i won't

(1 edit) (+1)

p.s i want you to know this is a wonderful game (even when i'm not running children over)


im about to have a field day >:D


Included IceCream Van as part of a compilation on Ludum Dare 53 at 32:17

Thank you a lot for playing and sharing! I love how so many good ideas come up in game jams. Nothing like designing under strong  restrictions!

Ya know what ill stand by what I said, those kids deserved to get run over

They DO. Thanks for sharing! :D


This game makes me so happy... Specially when you can actually do what your intrusive toughts tell you to do.

Amazing game. 10/10

More games should allow you to do that :D Thanks for playing!


The music when calling the children and the children returning with ice cream is a very nice and soothing game with a great atmosphere! but I didn't expect the children to riot! I laughed so hard when they destroyed my car. It was fun!


Thank you a lot for your kind words and for sharing gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D


This was very fun Good work



Hahah, they got so violent with me for getting their order wrong. Such a pity I’m in a van and can apparently run them over…

Hehe, just wait for the After Jam Update ;D


Great game :), I love skidding with the van


Hope you had fun! :D