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Lol, really fun, got to be careful driving on the beach :P 

Not the best place to drive, indeed : )

I like yeeting children into the sea

I seriously hope you mean just in this game!


Nah just in the game OR IS IT?


i love running over children

Not in real life, right? RIGHT?

As a metaphor for awful kid parenting it is pretty good.

Lol, can be read that way, yes.


y'know, i can understand the little gremlins being mad when i run them over

that doesn't mean i won't

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p.s i want you to know this is a wonderful game (even when i'm not running children over)


im about to have a field day >:D


Included IceCream Van as part of a compilation on Ludum Dare 53 at 32:17

Thank you a lot for playing and sharing! I love how so many good ideas come up in game jams. Nothing like designing under strong  restrictions!

Ya know what ill stand by what I said, those kids deserved to get run over

They DO. Thanks for sharing! :D


This game makes me so happy... Specially when you can actually do what your intrusive toughts tell you to do.

Amazing game. 10/10

More games should allow you to do that :D Thanks for playing!


The music when calling the children and the children returning with ice cream is a very nice and soothing game with a great atmosphere! but I didn't expect the children to riot! I laughed so hard when they destroyed my car. It was fun!


Thank you a lot for your kind words and for sharing gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D


This was very fun Good work



Hahah, they got so violent with me for getting their order wrong. Such a pity I’m in a van and can apparently run them over…

Hehe, just wait for the After Jam Update ;D


Great game :), I love skidding with the van


Hope you had fun! :D