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Linda smashed many things. Very satisfying.

LINDA SMASH! LINDA DESTROYS! Thanks for playing ! :D


Finally had a chance to load this p8 cartridge on our RGB Arcade.

Thanks for making such a great game.

IT LOOKS AMAZING!! I should build one of those for myself :D Thank YOU for playing!


This looks fantastic. 

I would actually like to build one of these for myself. Might you be willing to share your hardware architecture?

Quick bug report. Plays fine when using a keyboard, but when using a detected joystick, it crashes with a runtime error when I press a button mapped to X:

quick update. To troubleshoot, I removed my keyboard mapping for all my buttons so it's only receiving input from the detected joystick. When I press the same button, it crashes the same way. So it's apparently not related to keyboard input, and solely something to do with detected joystick button presses. 


Mmm Could it be there are more devices than players? I think there's a bug in this line in MAINMENU_UPDATE: 

 for i=0,2 do

Maybe it should be i=0,1. Can you try that, please?

That fixed it! :) Works perfectly now. Thank you! 

(the change was on line 22, for reference)




BRILLIANT! The art, camera shakes, particle effects, character movement... very cool!


fun game! could we defeat enemies by stomping on them?

Uooo, as in jumping from a building on top of tanks/soldiers?


exactly! I found myself jumping off a few times to avoid being shot, but even if I land on a person I have to move and punch to destroy them è__é


Wait for an update, I'll do it sooner than later ;D


Updated! You can stomp on enemies now :D


it’s very satisfying! thank you for adding it :-D

@playmedusa - Awesome game, was watching your twitter and waiting for this to come out.

We have a pico-8 arcade machine at work, any chance you could release a p8.png file for people playing it directly from pico-8?

Mmm... Would you mind if I added it to the downloadable pack you get when you buy it?


That would be great, as I already bought the game.

Looking forward to playing it on here...


Updated! Downloadable version now includes p8. Please, PLEASE, send me a photo with that beauty running the game! It looks gorgeous! 

okay, I must know more about this Pico-8 machine!

Have a look at  and marvel. There are a tons of good games, the console is a wonder. But best of all, the community around it!

Thanks for playing!


This is great. It only lacks the extra things like rivers and food (and traps).

Who's the artist of the illustration on this page? I like the style and I wondered if there was more to see.

It's also me (programmer). Love to read someone likes the style :D I have some more drawings here, but I'm mainly a programmer.

You're welcome, your style is impressive.

I even checked redbubble in case there was something with this art :)

Haha, no, I draw as hobby :D But your words cheer me up!


You deserve it.

Keep up the good work! And hopefully one day we'll all get a new Rampage game outside of the confine of Pico8 but still with this good oldschool style.

Meanwhile, I have a new background screen ;)

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Gamepad worked just fine over the web.  Thanks for the awesome game!  Brought back memories of playing Rampage in the arcades as a kid!

Glad to read it, thanks for testing! It's much more comfortable for playing two players ;)