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Crossing Galaxies: Starworm Raiders
Two weeks ago we spent five days at Tenerife Lan Party 2018 , a huge technological event in our island where thousands of gamers, geeks, otakus and well, you kn...
Exhaust and zero gravity liquid shaders
We already explained in this past entry how we wanted to focus on diegetic and meta user interfaces. During this week we created two shaders that might be handy...
Worm Raiders
Most building blocks are in place! We are ready to start creating the game that will be played in the stand we'll occupy in Zona Indie during the Tenerife Lan P...
Predictive aim for assisted and AI targeting
This week we worked on predictive aim. The player enjoys a bit of assisted aim and AI uses it to shoot at the player. Ballistic weapons use it (that is, weapons...
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Towards diegetic and meta UI
We are testing some user interface (UI) ideas in this build. There's a nice article in Gamasutra about four kind of interfaces with fancy names I usually have t...
Origins (IV/IV): Flight test with ECS
So we were able to walk on planetoids and it worked like a charm. But would we be able to fly across space? That was the next test, which came with a deep chang...
Origins (III/IV): Walking on planetoids
Rain, Sand, Stars! was 2.5D (that's 3D models moving on a plane) because we were simply unable to make the main character run on a fully 3D spheric planetoid...
Origins (II/IV): Procedural planetoids
During the first half of 2016 we spent quite a long time learning how to work with meshes. We wanted to move the vertices of an icosphere around in order to cre...

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